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Corporate Dental Packages

We have very attractive corporate dental treatment packages. You may contact us, for 'Tailer-Made' dental packages for your staff and their families.

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2. Master Health Check Up:

  • Complete Physical Examination with reports

  • Blood Sugar FBS/PPBS

  • Haemoglobin

  • Grouping & Rh Typing

  • Triglycerides

  • Total Cholesterol

  • HDL Cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, also called “good” cholesterol)

  • LDL Cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, also called "bad" cholesterol)

  • Creatinine - indicator of renal function

  • Uric Acid

  • SGPT - test for liver inflammatory changes, injury or damage

  • VDRL - blood test for syphilis

  • Hepatitis B – test for hepatitis B virus infection in Liver

  • Urine Routine

Permanent file with reports and Doctor’s recommendations
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