AJMC vision is to provide a Comprehensive Primary & Secondary Affordable Healthcare Solution and Specialized Services that follow it for patients from all walks of life -Where the foundation is based on the Rock Solid Values of Trust, Reliability, Service, Goodness and Humanity - With a  Desire to not only Educate but Inspire our clients to live a Happening, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle.

AJMC Personifies its Commitment to Excellence by  Exploring the Latest Techniques, Technology & Time-Tested  Theories  Available  and  Upgrading  its  Services  whenever and  wherever required to Serve the General  Public, while  ensuring Strict Compliance in Accordance to the International Medical Guidelines & Regulations of the Country.

AJMC employs the Most Experienced and Trust-worthy Medical Service Specialists, who are trained to recognize the Unique Customized Healthcare Needs of Each and Every Individual.  During any interaction  with  the  Patient,  All  Possible  Solutions are  carefully Considered,  Communicated  and Compiled  in  Total  Agreement  and  Transparency  with  the  Patient  &  His /Her Family  to  ensure  a  Fully Informed Decisions before Any Possible Action is Considered.

Our Team at AJMCstrongly believe in the Principle that an Informed & Educated Patient is the Best Patient. And Optimal Practices & Decisions bring about Trust & Achieve the Priceless Gift of Good Health.

Another startling feature of AJMC is its location. It is conveniently located in the heart of Al Jurf, Ajman, with Easy Access to Commuters and for those Driving Vehicles - A Spacious Car Parking Zone. Our Comfortable and Friendly Waiting Lounges, Child  Proof Recreational Areas, Private Ladies Waiting Lounge further show our Commitment to the Care, Comfort and Compassion towards Total Health, Total Trust and Total Satisfaction.

One of our Key objective is to providehealth insurance facility. This is kept Strongly in mind so to provide The World's Best Treatments without having to go through the Stress of the Costs Incurred. We at AJMC believe our Patients enjoy the facility easily and with convenience.